All Souls

Remember Your Loved Ones

            There is nothing quite as comforting as prayer and knowing that, even after their death, we can still help those whom we loved during their earthly life

            On All Souls Day, we are reminded how each of us has been touched by death.  We all have loved ones – family, friends, or neighbors – who have died.  We are also reminded that in our sadness and grief, we can be strengthened through the knowledge that there is resurrection, through Christ.

            We take comfort in remembering our loved ones through prayer and acts of mercy on All Souls Day.  Through prayer, we reach out to those who died because we are assured by Jesus that through our Faith in Him we have the promise of eternal life. Through prayer and Mass offerings, we help usher our dear departed ones into Heaven.  

            I am inviting you to take a moment from the distractions of daily life to pray for your loved ones. Through prayer, you will be reaching out from earth to Heaven, and cherishing the loving memories of your departed ones. 

            Jesus said: "This is the will of my Father that everyone who sees the Son and believes in  him may have eternal life and I will raise him up the last day." 

            On All Souls Day, I invite you to celebrate the promise of Jesus for eternal life, because only through Him may we overcome the grief and despair that may settle upon us. We are pilgrims on earth, but our journey is from death to life. We are called by Jesus to eternal life.

            The night before His passion and death, Jesus also gave us our greatest prayer and holiest sacrifice.  He gave us the Holy Mass.  Won’t you join the millions of Catholics around the world in offering Masses for the souls of the faithfully departed?  Offering a Mass is a profound and wonderful gift for a loved one who has passed on, or even for an unknown soul who does not have family or friends to pray for him.         

            Though this day can bring us sadness and sorrow, and memories of our loved one’s passing, it can also bring us strength, for we become closer to our faith and God as we pray for hope and salvation for our dearly departed. 

             On All Souls Day, many people choose to give to charities in memory of a loved one. Every gift that you make in response to this letter will go towards our special Mass Fund. Through this fund, we distribute Mass Stipends to poor priests around the world – from priests who serve the refugee camps in Northern Syria or the remote villages in Peru; to priests who choose to remain with their faithful even under constant threats to their lives. Bishop Johnson Akio Mutek of Torit, Sudan, was one of these dedicated religious. He was known as the “bishop with nine lives,” because he survived so many attempts on his life.  Yet he was never dissuaded from what was important – serving his people, saying Mass and being a symbol of faith to all he served. 

            Yes, your gift today, in memory of a loved one, will touch the lives of our priests who live in poverty and in dire need with the poorest and the most vulnerable; your generosity will help them continue to do God’s work.

            Thank you.  Please remember when you return the enclosed card to list the names of loved ones who have passed; we will remember them in our prayers for the entire month of November. 

            May God bless you and the memory of those you love now and always.

            Wishing you His comfort and peace,


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P.S.  How wonderful to know that through prayer, we can still help those whom we loved during their earthly life. And that, at the same time, poor priests will receive assistance, thanks to your generosity. 

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