Prayers for the Persecuted Christians and Church in the World


On the 12th anniversary of his passing, here are some meditations from our founder, Father Werenfried van Straaten. 
Fr Werenfried with hat

"Christianity is being tested.  Persecuted Christians are being tested in their faith.  They ought to have a blind trust in God and believe in his unfathomable providence.  But we are all being tested in our love.  We have to prove that we possess love, in spite of all our differences of opinion...a love that is patient, a love that understands, a love that helps and comforts, a love that burns like a flame in the dark night of the persecuted church and sets hope burning there, so that they do not fall into despair in their affliction."

"All those whom Christ has redeemed by His blood are children of Mary.  Not just the prayerful and the holy, but also the weak and the fainthearted.  And the sinnrs too, and the apostates.  Even those who persecute the Faith.  As a loving mother, Mary wishes to save us all."

"If we believe in the Cross, then we must also believe that the blood of the martyrs is the seed of Christians."

"Pray with unshakeable trust and with a heart that embaces both friend and foe in love.  And the Lord will stoop down to us and His mercy will know no bounds."

"Christ demands a faith that will move mountains.  And since he never demands the impossible we can, in the strength of our faith, move aside mountains of misery and ignorance, of misunderstanding, hatred and selfishness.  Usually this implies a task of reconciliation, which can be achieved only through prayer, humility and selfless love."

"I have made our charity into a school of love, in which we have together learned to help the poor and to become better ourselves - better men, who prove their love of God by their care for their fellow men, in whom God's image in hidden."


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