Message from Father Hugh Barbour

Dear Friend,


As Spiritual Director of the U.S. office of Aid to the Church in Need, I invite you to join our ongoing efforts to restore hope to Catholics being persecuted around the world for refusing to give up their belief in Christ and the Church.

If you are already a member of the ACN family of faithful, my deep-felt thanks for your willingness and commitment to helping us show and share God’s Love and Compassion with those in need.

Fr. Hugh BarbourFor those of you new to ACN, how wonderful that you are reaching out to learn about the miracle that is our family of faithful. Only with the assistance of this family is it possible for us to provide urgently needed spiritual and material aid to our suffering brothers and sisters across the world.

Every day in our offices, the phone rings, the fax machine stutters, the mail delivers yet another urgent plea from religious around the world, hoping and praying that compassionate people whom they've never met will reach out to offer assistance.

We have so many programs underway. Yet it is never enough. As His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI said, "May God grant Aid to the Church in Need the strength to help where the need is greatest." Only with your support and prayers may we continue to help rebuild the Church and keep the Faith alive.

Join hands with our family of faithful as, together, we reach out - meeting the needs of the suffering Church across the globe, and bringing the light and hope of Christ to poor, forgotten, and persecuted people.

As our founder Father Werenfried said, "The suffering are being tested in faith…but we are being tested in love.  Will you respond?"  Your generosity - and your prayers help keep hope alive.

Thank you, and God bless you.

Yours in Christ,  Signature of Father Hugh Barbour


Father Hugh Barbour, O. Praem.
Spiritual Director


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