Nun Assists Elderly WomanVolunteering With ACN

"The essence of our work consists in drying the tears of God wherever He weeps."    -
Father Werenfried

You don't have to travel to a foreign country to help make a difference.  God witnesses every small act of charity and sacrifice. There are many ways in which your actions on behalf of the Faith can make a positive difference in the lives of our suffering brothers and sisters.

We need you! Below are just several ways you can help.  Please also consider assisting locally at your parish, helping out at a soup kitchen, or otherwise volunteering within your community. Every act of charity helps to show and share God's love. 

Translation Services

Day after day, letters, faxes and other communications pour into our offices.  They come from around the world, in many different languages.  If you are bilingual (or multi-lingual) and would like to volunteer your services to help us translate materials, we'd welcome your help.

Key languages needed:

  • French
  • Spanish
  • German

Typical documents would be: requests for assistance, thank you letters, testimonials, or success stories. Note that you must be able to accept materials by email, and provide any translated documents back to us in digital document format via the Internet. To register to volunteer your services as needed, please fill out this form.

  Build Awareness of ACN

You can help raise awareness of the persecution and suffering our brothers and sisters undergo around the world by sharing our mission:


  Prayer for Those In Need 

"Pray with unshakeable trust and with a heart that enfolds the entire world in love. And the Lord will stoop down to us, and His mercy will have no bounds," said our founder, Father Werenfried. Your prayers are sorely needed to bring comfort to those who are suffering. Please pray for the Church in need.

  • Form a prayer group to pray for the persecuted and suffering Church.

  • Visit our Meditation & Prayer Center for spiritual inspiration.

  • Support poor priests through your Mass Offerings, or send us your Prayer Intentions, which will be reeived by the Carmelite Sisters of Sarajevo.

  • Visit a friend or neighbor in need and pray together.
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