30,000 Bibles in the Khasi Language of India

Only a narrow strip of land links northeastern India to the rest of the country. As a result, the region is isolated and among the poorest and least developed in India. The majority of the population here lives in scattered rural communities and belongs to disadvantaged ethnic minority groups.

In this area, there are 15 Catholic dioceses. Up until 125 years ago, the Church could not operate here, and even today, in many parts of India, it has only been active for a few decades. Nevertheless, the Church has been able to unite people of different ethnic groups and traditions, because the Church belongs to no particular group. It is open to all people.

For India, 30,000 Bibles in the Khasi Language

Many Catholics in northeastern India belong to the Khasi ethnic group, and live in dense forests and vast valleys. The Khasi were an animist tribe, meaning that they believed in spirits and practiced ancestor worship. But many converted with the arrival of the Catholic missionaries and became enthusiastic believers in Christ. They were and are eager to live the faith and get to know the Word of God.

Thanks to your support, ACN was able to print and distribute Bibles in the Khasi language years ago. But demand is still enormous, and the original print has been completely exhausted. There is keen interest in the Bible apostolate here, and many families who already own a Bible like to study it together; families will even gather in groups to study the Scriptures. Plus, the local Church organizes seminars at the diocesan and parish level.

But there are Catholics who do not own a Bible and want to, and the Church in this part of India is poor and hurting from the pandemic. So they have turned to us for help with the costs of printing and distribution. They hope to make 30,000 Bibles in the Khasi language for a total price of $57,000. Some of the Bibles will also be sent to Khasi people living across the border in Bangladesh.

Archbishop Victor Lyngsdon of the Diocese of Shillong, who also asks that we help other local dioceses, writes: “Your support will be an immense help to us in our efforts to make the Bible more popular among the Khasi-speaking people here. May God bless you all!”

Will you join us?

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