A House for Franciscan Missionary Brothers in India

The village of Sohphoh is one of the remotest outlying villages in the Diocese of Shillong in India. Located in the far northeast of the country, the village is in a region marked by great poverty. For many years, the village elders had been pleading with their bishop to send them missionaries to come and care for the Catholic faithful there and in the other outlying settlements. Finally, to their great joy, a group of Franciscan Missionary Brothers settled there four years ago. Their congregation, founded in 1901 in India, is specifically devoted to pastoral work, especially in remote and difficult regions, and at the same time to educational work, youth work and development work.

A House for Franciscan Missionary Brothers in India

Sohphoh has close to 115 Catholic families, all belonging to the Khasi tribe. It is very much an underdeveloped region, neglected by local civil authorities. Most families have six to eight children or more, most of whom are unable to attend school and so have little prospect of a better future. During the pandemic, many people died, and the already existing deep poverty intensified further. The climate can also be difficult, with extreme heat in the summer and bitter cold during winter. Adding to the hardships are widespread diseases such malaria.

The people are happy and grateful to have the Franciscan Brothers living among them, helping them not only to grow in the faith but also to improve their concrete living conditions. The brothers do this work of service even though they currently don‘t have a suitable place to live. This lack of suitable living quarters hampers their ability to carry out their apostolate properly, and the poor living conditions threaten to undermine their own health.

We are proposing to give them $32,700 so that they can build a modest, but suitable house.

Would you be willing to help these Franciscan Missionary Brothers build a home so they can better serve the poor and faithful in northeast India?

We are sure they will remember you in their grateful prayers.

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