A New Chapel for a Growing Village Community in Benin

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The Parish of the Most Holy Trinity is based in Guilmaro in northwest Benin. Like so many other rural parishes in Africa, it covers a vast area, with numerous outlying villages. Many of the faithful have to travel long journeys to be able to participate in Holy Mass.

The village of Damouti is the largest outstation in the parish. At present it has a simple mud chapel – more of a hut really – where the Catholic faithful gather to pray. The priests come here regularly to celebrate Holy Mass, and the people also take an active part in the May devotions, the Holy Rosary and the catechetical sessions in the chapel.

By now the small mud chapel is far too small to accommodate all the faithful, and over half the congregation currently have to stand outside during Holy Mass, exposed to the burning heat of the sun in the dry season and the torrential downpours in the rainy season. Needless to say, it is not easy to follow the liturgy from outside.

Meanwhile, the number of Catholic faithful continues to grow. Every year there are numerous baptisms. While 60% of the people within the parish still follow traditional African religions, many of them are very open to the Good News of Christ.

The local people would love to have a larger chapel, but there is no way they can finance such an undertaking from their own resources. Their parish priest, Father Noel Kolida, has turned to ACN, confident of our support. We would like to be able to help him with a contribution of $17,000.

Can you help Father Kolida build a new chapel to accommodate the growing numbers of faithful at this parish outstation in Benin?

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