A Study Room and Lecture Hall for a Formation Center in Pakistan

The Dominicans are highly active in Pakistan, with 32 Dominican priests working in parishes across the country, as well in other areas, like in prisons, schools, and the media. They also organize spiritual exercises and days of recollection, and defend the rights of religious minorities in a country where non-Muslims face discrimination and violence.

A Study Room and Lecture Hall for a Formation Center in Pakistan

For 53 years, the Dominicans have had a formation house in the Diocese of Multan. It was here in Pakistan, in 1974, that the first native-born Pakistani Dominicans were ordained to the priesthood. And vocations are still rising today. 

The formation house in Multan can accommodate up to 50 people and serves as the central headquarters of the Pakistani Dominicans. The center offers a range of different activities and events, including gatherings of religious men from all over the country and teaching days for the laity as well. 

However, the classrooms are small and can only hold up to 10 people. They need a larger lecture theater or study room, with space for about 45 students. We are offering to help with a contribution of $14,600. 

Will you join us in helping the priests of Pakistan?

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