A Vehicle for Pastoral Work in the Philippines

For seven years, Sister Anita has worked with the indigenous peoples of the Philippines, in the Diocese of San Jose. She offers them counsel, ministers to their most urgent needs, and supervises children in the primary school. She helps local women and organizes youth events and activities. “It is a joy and a blessing,” Sister Anita says of her work.

But the villages she serves are scattered and remote, tucked away in the mountains. The only available transportation is a public minibus called the Jeepney, which comes through the villages twice a week. And because it runs infrequently, it is always overpacked, not just with people but with sacks of goods and materials. Some passengers are forced to sit on the roof.

Jeepney travel made Sister Anita’s important work nearly impossible, so she turned to ACN for help.

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we have provided $29,100 for the purchase of a vehicle that can withstand long rides, muddy tracks, and unpaved roads. Sister Anita is thrilled with ACN’s gift: she writes, “Your help is a blessing and a great support for our apostolate among the Philippines’s native peoples.

Many thanks! We are so happy! Now, we are all the more eager and determined to reach the faithful and serve the Church.”

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