Support the Training of 12 Seminarians in Argentina

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The Priestly Congregation of the “Miles Christi” was founded in 1994 in Argentina. The name means “Soldiers of Christ,” and their desire is to seek something different from what the world has to offer. Their Rule stipulates that they should reject a “vulgar, empty and useless life” and instead ask themselves, with their gaze turned to Jesus Christ, “What have I done for Christ? What am I doing for Christ? What must I do for Christ?” Support the Training of 12 Seminarians in Argentina

Their particular charism lies in the pastoral care of young people and adults, and the goal of their apostolate is the “sanctification of the laity.” Thus, for example, they organize spiritual retreats and have established a variety of different groups to this end.

The congregation is growing. Presently they have 12 young men who are still undergoing formation. In 2016, two young men took their first, temporary vows and were clothed in the habit of the order. The formation house of the Miles Christi is situated not far from the National Shrine of Our Lady of Lujàn, a shrine held in high honor by the Argentinian people. In fact, in April of 1987, Pope Saint John Paul II consecrated the entire Argentinian nation to Our Lady of Lujàn.

While the Miles Christi Institute is growing and flourishing, its challenges are growing, too. The economic crisis in the country and the high inflation mean that all the costs are rising. Naturally this also affects the religious congregations, as well as the students whom they normally support. Consequently, the superiors are concerned about how to cover the cost of supporting and training these young religious, and to that end they are hoping very much that our benefactors will come to their aid.

We have already promised them $2,900 in your name. Will you help us fulfill this promise so that these “Soldiers of Christ” in Argentina can continue to dedicate their lives to serving Jesus?

We are sure they will remember you in their grateful prayers.

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