Catechetical Materials for Pastoral Work with Marginalized Groups in Brazil

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The “Bethlehem Mission” (Missao Belem) is a lay spiritual community of people who devote themselves to caring for the homeless, drug addicts, the lonely and all those facing a crisis or some difficult situation. The members of the community, who describe themselves as “missionaries,” share their lives full-time with these homeless victims, often even living on the streets with them. In doing so, they are endeavoring to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ to these people on the margins of society and make His teachings living and tangible for them. 

The community is still very young, having been founded only in 2005 in Brazil, yet it already has 160 mission houses and another 7 intermediate centers in 70 different cities of Brazil, Haiti and Italy. Right now some 2,000 or so homeless people are being cared for by members of the community in Brazil, which includes 70 consecrated members and 200 full-time volunteers.

In the various communities, they all live together, like one big family. People who have until now been living on the streets slowly become accustomed to living an orderly life in a community and are able to begin to discover the potential in themselves. The community also offers them the opportunity to have therapy where necessary.

Those living in the communities can also take advantage of the chance to gain practical and professional qualifications or become re-accustomed to the world of work. Wherever possible, the street children are encouraged to return to or at least make contact with their families. Where this is not possible, they are helped to find loving homes with foster parents or adoptive families, in collaboration with the relevant authorities.

So far, some 50,000 people have been taken in and helped by these communities. Roughly half of them have since been able to return to a normal life. Many have found their way to faith and have sought baptism. It is a particularly moving sight to see grown men, some advanced in age and after years of homelessness and addiction, dressed in a white baptismal robe, standing there with a baptismal candle in their hand, or going forward like little children to receive their First Holy Communion. In such cases it is quite evident that baptism has been the start of a new life for them as children of God.

Also very popular and very successful are the evangelizing courses run by members of the community. More than 1,400 people have so far taken part in these courses, which are aimed at training them for the mission of reaching out to people who are still far from the Church, and those especially marginalized in society, and proclaiming the Gospel to them. At the same time, the participants are equipped with appropriate catechetical material, which they can distribute to those who are interested.

ACN is happy to help this wonderful initiative, and we have promised $52,400 to help provide the necessary teaching materials for the coming four years.

Will you help this community as it continues to reach out to the marginalized, the homeless, drug addicts, and the lonely of Brazil?

Aid to the Church in Need commits to invest your funds where they will have the greatest impact for the Church that we serve. Funds donated to Aid to the Church in Need’s projects will be used towards the greatest need in our programs to help keep the Faith alive.

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