A Car for an Archbishop of a Vast Archdiocese in Chile

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Archbishop René Rebolledo Salinas faces major challenges as he tries to serve the Church in Chile. His Archdiocese of La Serena covers a large area: over 15,000 square miles, close to twice the size of New Jersey. As a result, the 500,000 Catholics in the archdiocese are widely scattered across huge distances. Many of the villages lie in valleys that are accessible only along rough, unmade roads. A Car for an Archbishop of a Vast Archdiocese in Chile

This situation has been made still worse by the consequences of the devastating earthquake in 2015, the traces of which are still evident everywhere. In the archdiocese alone there are no fewer than 60 churches, chapels and parish houses which were damaged to varying degrees, and many were totally destroyed.

Most of the inhabitants of the region are farmers, earning a modest living on the land. Employment opportunities are few and far between and people generally live from hand to mouth. But their faith is strong and influences their entire lives.

Archbishop Salinas would like to be a good shepherd to his people, but if he is to support them, he must first be able to reach them. His ancient vehicle is now in a very poor state and cannot cope with the often catastrophic road conditions. The repair costs are constantly mounting and are a great burden for the archdiocese. The bishop urgently needs a new, sturdy and reliable vehicle, so that he can go out to the people where they are.

ACN is happy to be able to promise him $15,400.

Will you help us keep this promise so that Archbishop Salinas can purchase a vehicle and better reach the people in his vast archdiocese in Chile?

Code: 213-08-29

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