Christmas Greetings from Sister Annie in Syria

“The situation in Syria is very bad. Poverty and hunger are constantly increasing. Most families do not find one meal to eat during the day.

We, the Sisters of Jesus and Mary, try to help as much as we can, as we will distribute food vouchers to some of the poorest families who do not have a breadwinner with the help of an organization.

During these holidays, we, the Sisters of Jesus and Mary, are going through a very busy and hardworking period, as we are now distributing clothes as Christmas gifts to about 30,000 children in Syria, and we are sometimes present during some distributions personally, and this allows us to share the joy of giving of Christmas with our children and families during these blessed days.

In addition to our other service work in cooperation with an organization, where we distribute cash assistance to some poor families to buy fuel in this harsh winter.

As you know, the Blessed Dina Belanger Center, which we are supervising, includes young people of about 80 who, a few days ago, presented an important and huge celebration on the occasion of Christmas, which was broadcast live on social media.

We feel blessed that there are brothers and sisters of ours abroad who share our holiest feelings and think of us, especially in these blessed days.

Christian families in Syria used to prepare several meals especially for Christmas and New Year, such as: kibbeh (meat and bulgur), yabraq (grape leaves stuffed with rice and meat), or rice and peas with meat.

Now, unfortunately, they cannot pay for any of these foods and are satisfied with cooking some rice and peas without any meat.

We hope that next year peace will come first and then no one will remain needy, poor or hungry.”

Blessings to all for what you do,

Sister Annie

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