A Car for the Sisters of Saint Vincent in Colombia

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In the hill country of Colombia, four Vincentian Sisters – also known as Sisters of Mercy – have been working since 1997, ministering to the indigenous peoples of the region. They provide medical care, visit families and teach the children. The crime rate is high, for the indigenous Indian peoples tend to live on the margins of society. They have also suffered for many years from the scourge of civil war, with the result that the Church has a great deal of work to do in the way of rebuilding peace. A Car for the Sisters of Saint Vincent in Colombia

The work the Sisters do is difficult. The local people speak a variety of different languages, which are difficult to learn. Even though many children and adults can also speak Spanish, it is nevertheless essential to be able to provide the catechetical instruction and pastoral care in their own native languages. Nor is it easy to earn the trust of the indigenous peoples here, since there is a latent mistrust towards “the whites.” Despite this, however, the people respect the Sisters as religious.

One of the biggest practical challenge the Sisters face is in the great distances they must travel and the sheer inaccessibility of the region. The Sisters sometimes have to walk for up to 7 hours on foot in order to reach the villages. Not surprisingly, they have turned to us for help to obtain a vehicle. We are more than happy to help and have promised them $12,600.

Will you help us fulfill this promise to purchase a car for these Sisters of Mercy in Colombia so they can more easily reach the people they are trying to serve?

We are sure the Sisters will remember you in their grateful prayers.

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