Complete the Parish Church of Our Lady of the Pacific in Russia

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Nachodkah is a port city – and one of the easternmost cities in all of Russia. Looking out towards the Pacific Ocean, it is almost 3,950 miles from Moscow. That is about the same distance as from Berlin to New York!

The town has a population of some 160,000, and the local Catholic parish of Our Lady of the Pacific was established in the early 1990s, following the collapse of the Soviet Union. To this day the Catholic faithful have no proper church of their own and instead have to celebrate Holy Mass in private homes. Most of these do not have sufficient space for more than around 30 people to gather.

Now, thanks to the help of ACN, the parish has started work on building a church of their own. With the help of our kind benefactors we were able to give $45,500 for this purpose. The building is finally standing, but the parish priest Father Sebastian Marian D’Silva has come back to us once again for help, so that the interior furnishing can also be quickly completed and the church made ready for use. We have promised another $34,100.

Father Sebastian has already thanked us in advance for this help. He writes: “We are constantly praying for you, for your organization and for all those who have helped to provide the funding to support us in this way. May God richly bless all our benefactors and send them happiness and good health!”

Will you help Father Sebastian complete this Church of Our Lady of the Pacific in Russia?

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