Crux: ACN lends support to Sisters working with children in Mombasa, Kenya slum

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Children at St. Martin’s Church; photo by Ines San Martin_Crux

MOMBASA, Kenya – Bombolulu, an impoverished neighborhood in Mombasa, Kenya, contains one of the city’s largest slums, with some 75,000 souls crammed in wood and tin homes that can stagger the imagination in terms of squalor.

At the center of it all lies a small Catholic church, which is often like a heart pumping blood into the community, above all by tending to its children. Many of these young people face deep scars, ranging from abuse and abandonment to being born with HIV or having been rescued from human trafficking networks, and would seem to have every reason in the world for feeling either rage or despair, and perhaps both. To read the full article, please click here.

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