Support for the Life and Pastoral Apostolate of the Missionary Sisters of Jesus Word and Victim

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“Where the tarred roads end, the work of the missionary Sisters begins.” That is the motto of the Missionary Sisters of Jesus Word and Victim, first established in 1961 in Peru. The Sisters work especially in those areas where there are too few priests.

Since 2016 some Sisters from this congregation have also been active in the Diocese of Santa Clara in Cuba. Bishop Arturo González Amador is delighted to have them in his diocese in this vast, remote and difficult region, marked as it is by extreme poverty and lack of infrastructure. Various sects are increasingly spreading here, and they seem to have more resources at their disposal than the local Catholic Church. Yet the bishop tells us how grateful these poor country people are to the Sisters for visiting them and helping them, and he praises their “tremendous pastoral zeal.”

The Sisters instruct both children and adults in the Catholic faith and prepare them for reception of the sacraments. They visit families in their homes and minister to the sick and the dying. They are also allowed, with the permission of the bishop, to organize Liturgies of the Word and to distribute Holy Communion, as well as to celebrate weddings and funerals. Many villages are so remote that they have not seen a priest for years.

Often the people have only the most rudimentary knowledge of their faith. “Many of them say they believe in the Virgin Mary, but don‘t know about her Son. They have been living for many years without God and without any catechetical instruction,” reports Sister Veronica. Clearly, there is a great deal of evangelizing work to be done here. Happily, the children are very much open to this, and the Sisters teach them proper moral values and tell them all about Jesus.

We are proposing to help the Sisters in their work with a contribution of $3,900 and also to help for their basic living costs with an additional $5,000.

Will you help support the pastoral apostolate of these Missionary Sisters in Cuba as the travel to “where the tarred roads end”?

We are sure they will remember you in their grateful prayers.

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