gratitude from those you aid

“We remain ever thankful to our Benefactors of the Church in Need for the wonderful support they have been giving us to train our Major Seminarians for the past years since the socio-political crisis that has almost escalated into a war, broke in the Southern Cameroon, comprising the Ecclesiastical Province of Bamenda. Formation of our future priests especially in Kumba would have been impossible without your financial assistance."

“Cordial greetings from the Archdiocese of Tellicherry, Kerala. I hope these few lines will find you in good health and cheer you up amidst this pandemic. First, I acknowledge gratefully your kind intervention to support our CORONA EMERGENCY HELP for priests and parishes in the Archdiocese of Tellicherry. Your benevolent contribution is a great relief for us and with it, we help the poor parishes that are struggling to make both ends meet given this financial crisis. We will also pay the medical expenses of our priests who were affected by the pandemic. We are highly indebted to the ACN International. I assure our humble prayers for you and your benefactors. May God bless you all.”

"We want to convey our heartfelt gratitude to all the members of the Church in Need who work tirelessly to make the world a better place for individuals who need to be supported. And to all those great souls who provide their unconditional support for the great cause of your association. You may not get to see the smile you put on all of their faces but know for sure that all you do every day has a tremendous impact on their happiness and success!"

“I would like to express my deepest gratitude for your immense contribution towards me and my colleagues at the seminary, by paying our fees, especially during this difficult time when our world has engulfed with the pandemic, which has broken down the global economy. Your generous contribution has helped us studying and we were able to prepare well for priesthood. Our academic year was fruitful thanks to your support."

"This is to acknowledge with a deep sense of indebtedness to your ever generous help made available to the Vicariate of Nepal during the pandemic. Your help somehow seem to reach us at a time when our people need them most. Thank you from the depth of our hearts for the present and the past generous help as well. Be assured of the beneficiaries' grateful memento in their prayers."

"We pray that God may continue to inspire, provide and protect you as you continue to follow in the footsteps of Christ, serving God through service to humanity. We pray for your team of benefactors and benefactresses."

"We assure you that many Catholics of the diocese of Faisalabad received bundles of blessings with your kind deeds and compassionate interest. Kindly please accept our bundles of thanks on account of receiving the project funds. Be sure of our unity and prayers with the ACN team."

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