gratitude from those you aid

"We thank you very much and ask the Holy Spirit to give you a hundredfold the help you need to help the Church in distress in so many places in the world. Be assured that a special bond is now sealed between us and that you can count on our prayer to accompany you."

"I am truly grateful and appreciate the kindness of your organization, ACN, and all the benefactors, that have always supported us in times of need. We promise prayers for you and all the benefactors who share with us their resources in order to realize our programs every year.”

" I want to thank God and to thank you for your dedication in the service God entrusted to you and to assure you of our prayers for your personal intentions and for the persecuted church. And may the Holy Spirit guide you in your journeying with Jesus in His Passion and Death, so to Rise with Him for a new Life with Him."

“In the difficult times of war, we have seen the strength of having the huge support of the people of kind and generous hearts, benefactors and workers of ACN International. Since the first days of the war in Ukraine, we have felt support and unceasing prayer for peace; we have felt your tireless help and generous donations."

South Sudan
“I would like to appreciate your commitment and concern for me up to the end of my studies, I believe that without you, I would not have done it. You have contributed a lot to my growth, it is because of your support that I am what I am today. Therefore, this cannot be taken for granted. I assure you of my special prayers for your community and benefactors as well. May the almighty God continue to shower his blessings upon you."

"We thank YOU for YOUR support of important and vital projects in our city of Aleppo. You are the outstretched hand of God to man that conveys God's boundless love and care."

"I cannot say thank you enough because it doesn’t express absolutely how grateful we all are but we pray the good Lord to continue to abide and be with you both now and forever.”

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