Support Pastoral Work in Two New Parishes in Ethiopia

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Many of the people in the Apostolic Vicariate of Jimma-Bonga have never heard of Christ. Situated in the southwest of Ethiopia, it is an area of primary evangelization.

The two new parishes of Natta and Luan, lying in an area close to the frontier with South Sudan, are still very much in their infancy. The people living in this region are nomadic or semi-nomadic cattle herders. There are many conflicts among them – sometimes between the members of different tribes, sometimes over shortages of water and pasture land. Support Pastoral Work in Two New Parishes in Ethiopia

Poverty, illiteracy, ignorance and certain traditional concepts also give rise to a range of different problems. Forgiveness is something almost unknown and instead, revenge and reprisals are the order of the day. Alcohol is also a major issue and many people are killed in drunken brawls. Kidnappings are not an infrequent occurrence. Polygamy is widespread and divorce is also common.

This is an area where the Church really has to start from scratch, first of all through her educational work and development aid, then by helping to resolve and overcome conflicts. Above all the Church must help by teaching the concept of Christian brotherly love, which extends not only to one’s own family or one’s own clan or tribal group, but to all people.

Already many things have begun to improve since some of these people converted to the Catholic Faith. But the road is a long one, and there is still a great deal to do. ACN is giving $11,400 in order to support the vital pastoral work of the Church in the parishes of Natta and Luan.

Will you give to support pastoral work in these two new parishes in Ethiopia?

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