Feed the Hungry Children in Syria Today

The situation is dire in Syria, especially for children. The basic human right of eating has been virtually taken away, leaving the youngest part of the population hungry and undernourished.

The UN reports that 12.4 million (60%) of people are not getting enough to eat. More than 500,000 children under five are suffering from stunting as well as chronic malnutrition.

Aid to the Church in Need has been dedicated to the plight of the Syrian faithful, especially its children, for decades. A Drop of Milk campaign in Aleppo distributes powdered milk to more than 3,000 children from Christian families who are in need or have been displaced by war. The program helps children from birth to age ten.

  • In addition to looking out for a child’s health, ACN provides for a child’s mind and emotional well-being.
    In the 2019-2020 academic year, 7,340 students in Aleppo benefited from ACN-sponsored scholarships.
  • Last year, ACN benefactors donated $240,000 to provide winter coats to 25,000 children in various cities across the country with the help of the Congregation of Jesus and Mary.
  • ACN currently sponsors projects for children including summer camps to grow in faith and develop friendships. These are designed for young people who have been traumatized by the terrible circumstances in their country.

“The explosion of poverty is now worse than in the time of war. The people are surviving on one meal a day or less,” Sister Annie Demerjian, our project partner in Syria, told us.

Now, the situation for children is life threatening and we need your help. Can we count on you to make a donation that may save the life of a child?
 God bless you for whatever you can offer.
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