Fund Live TV Streaming from the Catholic Cathedral in Kosovo

Pristina, Kosovo is home to the first Catholic cathedral dedicated to Saint Teresa of Calcutta. It was consecrated on September 5, 2017, the 20th anniversary of her death, and this day was an occasion of great joy for the people. The consecration was witnessed by thousands of Kosovans, by Catholics, Orthodox Christians, and Muslims alike. Mother Teresa has become an icon of charity for people of all faiths. Fund Live TV Streaming from the Catholic Cathedral in Kosovo

Thanks to its generous donors, ACN was able to contribute to the construction of the cathedral, which sits today at the heart of Catholic life in the Diocese of Prizren and Pristina. There are 1.8 million people in Kosovo, 58,000 of whom are Catholic. Many play an active role in the life of the Church. 

Kosovo has not been spared the coronavirus, and here, too, infection rates are rising. Bishop Dode Gjergij could not have imagined a situation in which people were forced to stay at home and the public celebration of the Holy Mass would not be allowed. That this is now the case brings him great sorrow. 

Bishop Gjergij can at least remain in contact with the Catholic faithful via the media. Every day, the Holy Mass is transmitted live from the cathedral, along with a time of prayer, though the available technical equipment is inadequate. On an iPod, the transmission quality is very poor, and Facebook can only be accessed by a small number of people. 

The diocese has recently created a channel on YouTube and wants to improve the transmission quality. To do so, they require better cameras and basic technical equipment, which will be useful not only during the COVID-19 pandemic, but also in the future, for those preparing to receive the sacraments. ACN has agreed to help with $9,000. 

Can you help support live streaming from the Catholic cathedral in Kosovo?

We are sure the bishop will remember you in his prayers.

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