Fund the Training of 43 Seminarians in Slovakia

Slovakia is a strongly Catholic country, whose population of 5.4 million is close to 60% Catholic. Prior to the pandemic half of them still regularly attended Sunday Mass, so four or five Masses on a Sunday morning were commonplace. There are also a considerable number of adult baptisms in the country today.

Like everywhere else, the Church in Slovakia is facing many social challenges. Christian values are increasingly attacked and undermined in public and the mass media in particular continue to promote a relativistic and liberal worldview.

Fund the Training of 43 Seminarians in Slovakia

Good priests are greatly needed, priests who can embody the Gospel values and convey them to the people, strengthening believers and encouraging them to stand up for these values, so that healthy families can build a healthy society – which in turn is the most fertile soil for new vocations.

Today there are 43 young men training for the priesthood in the major seminary in Spis. Under communism, in the second half of the 20th century, the seminary had suffered a difficult fate, one that it shared with many other Church structures in Eastern Europe. Shut down by the communists in 1950, its buildings were confiscated and used for 40 years as a police academy and archive center. It was not until 1990, following the political changes, that it was finally returned to the Church, albeit in a profoundly derelict condition.

Since being official reopened, the buildings of the seminary in Spis have been used for many other events and activities in addition to priestly formation. Among other things, there are training courses for the laity and remote learning theological studies and conferences.

ACN has been supporting the seminary for almost 30 years now, and the fruits of its work are happily visible today. Whereas in communist times the clergy of the diocese of Spis were all very elderly, most of the priests today are young. And while in the past there were many places in the country without any priests at all, today Slovakian missionaries are already working in many other parts of the world, proclaiming the Gospel and helping to alleviate the shortage of priests.

This year ACN is once again supporting the seminary for the current academic year, with a contribution of $14,200 for the 43 seminarians now studying there.

Will you join in helping to fund the training of these future priests in Slovakia?

We are sure they will gratefully remember you in their prayers.

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