Fund the Training of Future Priests and Monks in Ukraine

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The Greek Catholic Order of St. Basil in Ukraine is thriving. In all, the Basilian Order has 340 members in 29 monasteries, and there are currently 48 novices in formation at the seminary in Lviv. Their novice house is in East Ukraine, complete with its own land and livestock.

Fund the Training of Future Priests and Monks in Ukraine

Catholics were harshly persecuted under Soviet rule, so the order’s survival and development are almost miraculous. The Soviet Union fell only 30 years ago, and prior to its collapse, members of the order were trained in remotely and practiced the faith in secret. Four died in Soviet camps and prisons, and were later beatified by Pope Saint John Paul II on a 2001 trip to Ukraine.

Their sacrifices bore great fruit, as the order’s recent popularity proves.

The number of novices in formation poses its own joyful challenge to the order, which must provide food and housing. The rector of the seminary has turned to us for financial assistance, since prices are rising in Ukraine, and the order must pay for the novices’ daily needs and the teaching staff’s salaries. Plus, there are four young Redemptorist novices undergoing training at the seminary.

We have offered the order $36,000. Will you help to fund the training of future priests and monks in Ukraine?

We are sure they will remember you in their prayers.

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