A Heating System for a Convent Housing Sick and Elderly Sisters in Lebanon

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“We do not want to make a financial profit in any way, but simply to offer a service to Our Lord and to the Church by taking in these faithful,” explains Sister Mona Wazen in Lebanon. She is the general superior of a Melkite Greek Catholic congregation whose convent in Jeita is home to some 20 or so frail and elderly religious Sisters.Heating for Sick and Elderly Sisters in Lebanon

The convent has been designated by the Congregation of the Salvatorian Sisters of Saint Basil of Our Lady of the Annunciation as a sheltered accommodation for those nuns who require special aid. At the same time, lying as it does in a quiet valley, the convent is also ideal as a guesthouse for groups and individuals wishing to spend a few days in a quiet retreat in their personal search for God.

The convent in Jeita was established in 1992, after the mother house of the congregation had been attacked during the Civil War (1975 to 1990). At the time, the Sisters were forced to flee. Before the Civil War, in fact, they had no fewer than 17 convents in Lebanon, but the war cost them dearly and now today they have just three convents, with a total of around 70 Sisters.

They run five schools and a number of other educational centers.

For the 20 elderly and infirm Sisters living in the Jeita convent today, there is no heating and in winter it can get extremely cold. This is not only hard to endure for these already frail Sisters but also scarcely inviting for any guests who may wish to stay. The congregation has therefore decided to install a central heating system, but the cost is too high for them alone and so they have turned to ACN for help.

We are planning to contribute $28,200, so that these frail and elderly nuns and their guests will not have to suffer the additional burden of the freezing cold.

Will you help provide heating for those sick and elderly Sisters in Lebanon? We are sure they will remember you in their grateful prayers.

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