Help for the Formation of 15 Holy Spirit Novices in India

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The Holy Spirit Sisters are a congregation founded in 1950 in Germany. They work above all in pastoral care, and their role is to support the priests in their work. The Sisters give catechetical instruction, prepare children, young people and adults to receive the Sacraments and organize prayer meetings. They also visit the sick, poor families and the needy, and help them in their difficulties.

In the two regional provinces of the congregation in India, namely Atmadhara and Jeevadhara, there are a total of 207 religious Sisters in a region that covers seven of India’s federal states. In the state of Odisha, which until 2011 was called Orissa and which became notorious in the year 2005 for the violent and unprovoked attacks against Christians there, the Sisters run a hostel or boarding home for 40 schoolgirls whose homes are too far from the nearest school and who would therefore be unable to attend school otherwise. The girls belong to various different faiths and ethnic communities, and the Sisters seek to convey genuine Christian values to them while teaching them mutual respect, so that their boarding home is, at the same time, making a contribution to peaceful coexistence among the various religions and ethnic communities in the country.

From the start it was the desire of their founder that these religious Sisters should be given a thorough theological formation, so that they could fulfill this mission as well as possible. At the present time the Holy Spirit Sisters have 15 young novices undergoing training. ACN has promised the congregation $5,100 to help with the cost of their formation.

Will you help us fulfill this promise to these future Holy Spirit Sisters as they prepare to serve children, the sick, the needy and poor families in India?

We are sure they will gratefully remember you in their prayers.

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