Help Iraqi Christians Return Home

These are your Christian brothers and sisters in Iraq who are in extreme need – so help them to stay and build a future again in this region…”  Iraqi Archbishop Amel Nona

With your support, we have done everything possible to help our brothers and sisters in Iraq survive – food, water, shelter, medicine and pastoral help. They would not have made it through the last three years without the help of our wonderful donors. We now urgently need your help to enable them to go back home and rebuild new lives from the rubble of the old.  For the first six families who returned to Bartella, it is clear to see how deeply moved they are:  “We thank Aid to the Church in Need for the help in restoring our house. It is really wonderful to be able to live here again…”

A humanitarian and pastoral partnership between Aid to the Church in Need, the local Church in Nineveh and The Knights of Columbus is responding to this critical and urgent need of rebuilding the Christian communities in the Nineveh Plains. The return of Christian faithful has deep spiritual meaning to all of us — it is a witness of faith in a region devastated by evil, war and terror.

The hope is to rebuild 13,000 Christian homes in the Nineveh Plains. So far, 1,228 families have already returned and 423 homes are being renovated. it is approximately $2,000 to resettle one family. There is extensive work involved in clearing homes of explosives, repairing damaged infrastructure, restoring electricity and water systems and much more.

The fresh smell of paint now replaces the stench of burning which once consumed the area. People are now trying to reclaim their lives and are hoping to do so with your support.  More than 80 percent of displaced families are willing to return home to the Nineveh Plains – but to do so we need more help from all our friends and benefactors.

Aid to the Church in Need’s Stand Up For Our Faith Fund will allocate 100% of our donor’s gifts to help our brothers and sisters in the Middle East rebuild their lives — one home at a time.

Thank you for whatever you can give today.  And thank you for witnessing this revival of faith.

May God’s blessings be with you and those we serve now and always.

With your help,
our brothers and sisters displaced by terror can return home!
your gift makes a difference, thank you!

What you contribute will make a difference to the lives of others. It is because of your help that we still have Christians in Iraq.”
Archbishop Bashar Warda, Erbil, Iraq