“I am an ordinary mom, but I want to help magnify what Aid to the Church is doing.”

BROOKE Taylor is a woman on a mission—a mission to serve God in any way she can. This winter, that dedication will take her to Jerusalem where she will run a half marathon on March 15th to call attention to the suffering of Christians in Syria. Somehow, this mother of five is finding time to train for what will be an arduous run on a hilly route, which includes Jerusalem’s Old City, the place where Jesus walked, preached and died. What’s more, Brooke is forging ahead despite the fact that she is still recovering from a knee injury—an injury that prevented her from running a full marathon.

Brooke and son, Grant

Brooke, a long-time veteran of Christian radio in various markets across the country, recently retired from full-time work to dedicate herself to her family—husband Jim, sons Gabriel (17), Grant (15), Garrett (12), and Augustine (7), and daughter Karolina (8).

Encouraging Catholics to use their “gifts of the Holy Spirit” to help spread the Gospel is what Brooke does on her highly popular podcast called “Good Things Radio.”  It also airs on Cleveland’s Catholic radio station 1260 AM/The Rock.

Brooke carries her message throughout the country as a much-in-demand speaker at conferences and parishes, as well as a few Protestant churches. She speaks on prolife and women’s issues, the role of the family and the power of faith.  Her goal is to form what she calls “intentional disciples, who live out their faith in service of the New Evangelization.” It takes works, she stresses, to rediscover “the beauty of our faith, prayer, and devotions” and to become ready and willing to be “giving of ourselves” to help others and serve God’s Kingdom.

Brooke got inspired to help Christians in Syria when, on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land she helped lead in 2017, she spent the night in a Syrian Orthodox chapel inside Jerusalem’s Church of the Holy Sepulcher. That chapel had graffiti on the walls and “looked like a bombed-out church,” she recalls. The experience reminded her of Syria lying in ruins: “Something happened to me,” she continues, “I realized how important Syria is to our faith; it is where St. Paul was converted and it was in Antioch that followers for Christ were first called Christians.”

Fr. John Michael Paul and Brooke

Subsequently, she became acquainted with the work of Sister Annie Demerjian, a project partner of Aid to the Church in Need, who is dedicated to helping suffering Christians in Aleppo, Syria. She had also seen a video featuring Iraqi Chaldean priest Father Douglas Bazi, who had been tortured by Islamic terrorists. His words had stayed with her. He told viewers: “If you can, don’t just watch, but take action.” That message “planted a seed,” says Brooke.

“I am not an organization, I am not an NGO, I am an ordinary mom, but I want to help magnify what Aid to the Church is doing,” she says, adding that her daughter Karolina gives her powerful inspiration. Karolina was adopted in Poland and suffers from severe autism. Nonetheless, Karolina, says Brooke, “teaches me on a daily basis that all of us can do great things, if we try. God can use all of us.”

On March 15th, joined by Father John Michael Paul of the Community of St. John and her son Grant, Brooke will run 13.1 miles through the Holy City to demonstrate her love of God and her commitment to help the suffering and persecuted Church in Syria.  Will you support her and faithful in need with a gift today?

My Gift to Syrian Christians