Help for a New Parish Church in Kazakhstan

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There is a small Catholic community living in Kizilorda in the southwest of Kazakhstan, a town with a population of some 270,000 people. Most of the local Catholics are people of German, Polish and Lithuanian extraction. For the past 10 years, they have been ministered to by a Catholic priest who travels regularly from the town of Shymkent, a little over 300 miles away.Help for a New Parish Church in Kazakhstan

Since there is no Catholic church in Kizilorda, the faithful gather in a private home for Holy Mass. This is a major problem, since while there are many more Catholics in the town, they do not attend because they are immediately suspicious of religious worship in private homes, thinking that means it is the work of a sect. If they had a proper church or small chapel, more Catholics would attend Holy Mass.

The authorities have already given approval for the establishment of a Catholic parish. Now all they lack are the appropriate premises. A plot of land has been found with a house on it that is almost ideal: part of the house could be converted into a chapel, and the remaining rooms could be used for catechetical instruction, children’s groups and a variety of other parish events.

At the same time, there is also space for a priest to live, as well as a garden that could likewise offer space for different activities. Finally, it is ideally situated, not far from the railway station, so Catholics could travel in from outlying areas and get to the church without difficulty.

ACN has already promised $35,700, so that the community can go ahead and purchase the site.

Will you give so to help the faithful complete this new parish church in Kazakhstan?

Code: 351-01-19

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