Mass Intentions for Priests Teaching Seminarians in Zambia

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The Emmaus Spirituality Center in Lusaka, Zambia, is a formation center at which all the young men in the country who feel called to the priesthood first undergo a “spiritual year.” This is a preliminary stage, which precedes the seminary proper. Technically known as a propedeutic year, this is a year during which the spiritual foundations are laid for their future path as seminarians and where these young men, after having completed their higher school studies (A-levels), are able to grow into the spiritual life and develop and mature on a human level as well. On average, there are 45 young men who embark each year on this first stage of their priestly formation.

“Since we know all too well that the Church needs true witnesses of the Gospel, who will in future be soundly trained, well-motivated and disciplined priests, the seminary has to fulfill its daily duties,” says Father Justin Mulenga, the priest tasked with responsibility for the seminaries by the bishops’ conference of Zambia. Consequently, the five priests responsible for the formation and spiritual accompaniment of the seminarians at the center need to focus all their energies on this mission and be available full-time for this task.

This commitment to teaching and formation also means these priests do not have any other opportunities of earning an income in order to support themselves, such as by working in a parish. As a result, they are very much dependent on Mass stipends, and we plan to send them $6,500 in the form of Mass stipends.

Will you give to have a Mass said, and so support priests in need in countries like Zambia?

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