Medical Treatment for Religious Sisters in Brazil

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It might sound almost too good to be true. Can drug addicts be healed without expensive medication or replacement drugs, especially given that all the skills of doctors and therapists are often of little avail against the power of an addiction that can destroy a human life?

Medical Treatment for Religious Sisters in Brazil

Franciscan Father Hans Stapel has shown over the past 30 years and more that addicts can indeed find a way back to a life of dignity through prayer and work. Some 85% of the addicts who have come to the “Fazendas da Esperança”– the “Farms of Hope” in the by now over 100 centers in Brazil and elsewhere in the world – have indeed found the strength to begin a new life, without falling back into the vicious spiral of addiction, crime and prostitution.

In Brazil, the work of these centers is supported by the prayers of many convents and religious communities. In fact, in the original Fazenda in the Brazilian city of Aparecida, there is even a convent of the Poor Clare Sisters that is devoted entirely to this apostolate and which by its prayer supports the healing of drug addicts and all kinds of other people living on the margins of society.

The Sisters live a very simple life of total surrender to God. It is a life that attracts many people, and the congregation is blessed with a significant number of vocations – young women and girls who wish to join the community and dedicate their lives totally to God.

The community is currently facing a difficult challenge: the Sisters, who themselves live in complete poverty and who are often from poor families, still must pay for the costs of their own medical treatment. Some may need glasses, others dental treatment, others medical treatment of various kinds which their own families cannot afford.

The Sisters have turned to ACN: “We are counting on your generous help,” they write, “so that we can continue to walk our path of faith and prayer and at the same time welcome these new vocations from poor families.”

We certainly intend to help them and have promised $3,900 for the medical treatment of those Sisters who require it.

Will you give so that these religious Sisters in Brazil can receive the medical care they need to continue their work of serving and praying for drug addicts and others living on the margins of society?

We are sure they will remember you gratefully in their prayers as well!

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