Motors for Pastoral Boats on the Solomon Islands

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The Solomon Islands are located in the South Pacific, about 450 miles east of New Guinea and 1,600 miles northeast of Australia. The islands are predominantly Christian, though most residents identify as Protestant, with Catholics making up only 13 percent of the population.Motors for Pastoral Boats on the Solomon Islands

The Catholic Diocese of Gizo covers 40 islands that span 190 miles. Three native priests and 12 missionaries from various Asian countries minister to the diocese’s eight parishes. In order to reach the faithful, they must travel for many hours by boat, then through the bush by foot.

There are 118 mission stations, but in order to reach them, the priests need new outboard motors for each of their seven boats. Due to regular use, these motors have suffered serious wear and tear. They are no longer reliable and break down often, which not only hampers mission work but also endangers lives.

The motors are in urgent need of replacement. Bishop Luciano Capelli has turned to ACN for help, and we have promised him $22,600.

Will you help us fulfill our promise and secure pastoral ministry on the Solomon Islands?

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