Middle East: ‘peace comes directly out of the heart of Jesus’


“The patriarchs believe that peace not only arises through or from Jesus, but that it flows directly out of His heart.”

Christians in Egypt: much light, but lingering shadows


“We are not asking for much and we are being realistic. Unfortunately, there are still many people who consider Christians to be second-class citizens.”

Aid to the Church in Need welcomes the ‘Day of Peace’ for the Middle East


“May God heal the wounds of the Middle East! May the Holy Family shield, protect and safeguard the Christians of the Middle East!”

Bringing Christ to remote rural communities in Ghana


“We are asking your help for a vehicle that will enable us to reach more people with the message of Christ.”

A tireless servant of the Church in Africa retires after 28 years


Bishop Oscar Nkolo Kanowa thanked her for “her motherly heart that was always so empathetic to the Church in need.”

Historic church is due to reopen in Lebanon


“Due to the explosion which occurred on August 4th 2020, Saint Joseph’s Church was severely damaged.”

World Refugee Day 2021: Persecution threatens to trigger famine


“More than 15 million people are presently internally displaced—the majority in the 12 countries suffering severe to extreme religious persecution in Africa.

Aid to the Church in Need raises more than $146M for suffering Christians around the world


“Above all during the coronavirus crisis Mass stipends were a sign of our solidarity in prayer and for many priests their sole means of survival financially. Altogether we were able to send them 1.7 million Mass offerings,”

Holy Land: ‘religious elements of the conflict have grown more significant’


“The religious elements of the conflict have grown more significant over time, as the religio-nationalist narratives gain influence in society as a whole.”

Nigeria, in grip of Islamist violence and banditry, is ‘at war’


“They came out of nowhere one morning and murdered everyone in a matter of minutes.”

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