Survey shows decline in US Catholics’ concern about global Christian persecution


“In a world where up to 300 million Christians are confronted with various forms of harassment and outright persecution because of their faith, the US Church simply must do more to inform and galvanize the faithful.”

Iraq: Christians desire ‘a real and profound change of the political system’


“Personally, I am optimistic regarding the future of the Christians on the Nineveh Plains and in Iraq. Through education and cultural dialogue, we can overcome obscurantism and violence.”

Coronavirus puts economic toll on Christians in the Holy Land


On March 12, the Franciscan Pilgrims Office in Jerusalem cancelled until further notice all Masses booked by pilgrimage tour companies at Holy Land shrines.

From a nun in Syria, a message of hope and faith in the time of the coronavirus


“To all our ACN donors, we say very sincerely: ‘Thank you for your enormous generosity. You have helped us for so many years and continue to do so.’”

Education and dialogue hold key to Christians staying in Iraq


In addition to having lost their faith in the future, in the authorities and in a number of their Muslim neighbors—who had initially welcomed ISIS with open arms— Christians are now facing a very precarious economic situation.

The coronavirus in Venezuela—‘a difficult moment and a trial’


Bishop Mario Moronta called on the authorities to “guarantee its citizens safe access to food, medicines, and medical care and to ensure that there are no power cuts or shortages of water and other essential services.”

Pakistan: Parents of kidnapped, forcibly converted Catholic teenager look to highest court for relief


“We are not giving up, and, together with her lawyer Yousaf, we are going to take the case to the country’s Supreme Court. This was the court which finally set Asia Bibi free.”

ACN brings hope for 2019 Easter bombing victims in Sri Lanka


“The way we experienced your solidarity is highly appreciated. You have joined your prayers with ours. You shared in our pain and suffering. We will never forget your contributions in word and deed.”

Blessed Wishes from Overseas


MEXICO: Beloved benefactors of Aid to the Church in Need: May Saint Mary of Guadalupe, Queen of the Americas, keep each of you and your …

In Holy Land, Churches denounce persistent anti-Christian attacks


“The Churches are raising these problems at every level and on numerous occasions, but since their voice is not backed by political and financial weight (we are only 2 percent of the population), it is still not being heard, which moreover raises the problem of legal protection and minority rights.”

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