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Mozambique: Terrorists kill 11 Christians


A terrorist group that claims allegiance to ISIS arrived in Naquitengue in the early afternoon and summoned everyone in the village. They then separated the Christians from the Muslims, based on names and ethnicity.

Syrian Patriarch: Despite difficulties, it has been ‘a time of great grace’


“We are still doing everything possible to help our faithful, to provide them with essential services. But we cannot replace the government. There is no light at the end of the tunnel, and we do not see a short-term solution. Without support, we cannot convince them to stay.”

“Thanks to this scholarship, I can help build the future of Iraq”


“Because I have a scholarship to study, I can stay in Iraq, which I want to do. I want my future to be in Iraq, and I want to help build my country’s future, too,”

One million children praying the Rosary can change the world


With war, violence, and extreme poverty in countries like Ukraine, Nigeria, Myanmar, and Pakistan, as well as in other regions of the Middle East and Africa, ACN wishes to entrust to God, through the powerful intercession of His Mother, all the places and people who cannot live in peace.

Pope consoles small Catholic flock in Mongolia


“Every human being is related to others, and the Pope has used the word “communion” repeatedly. This communion is more than just an act; it is really a way of being. And whenever something touches a part of the Church, it touches all of us.”

A seminarian is brutally murdered, another kidnapped in Nigeria


Bishop Kundi said: “The attackers were aiming to kidnap the parish priest. When they failed in their attempt to enter the father’s house, they set it on fire. The two priests were able to escape but, terribly, the seminarian was burned inside.”

Nigeria: Kidnapped priest and seminarian released


“They are both fine, alive, and healthy, despite the trauma endured at the hands of their captors.”

Pope Francis makes historic trip to Mongolia


Unlike its neighbor China, Mongolia enjoys extensive religious freedom. However, the challenges of rapid economic and social change have made some local authorities wary of religion, hence the importance of the visit.

Mozambique: 40 years later, religious sisters are back in Dómuè


When the Little Sisters of Mary Immaculate arrived in Dómuè, in northern Mozambique, they were met with a great celebration. After 40 years, the Church …

In India, 50,000 people displaced and 150 killed


As a result of the violent conflict that broke out in Manipur, India this May, tens of thousands of people have been displaced, and more …

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