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ACN to hold three days of prayer for Myanmar, on second anniversary of coup


“As we prepare to mark the second anniversary of the military coup in Myanmar, on February 1, we ask God to move the hearts of all those who can put a stop to this tragedy. We pray also for all the internally displaced, including children, women, the elderly and sick in the affected areas.”

Jihadist attack in Spain—rise in religious hatred


The jihadist used a machete to kill the warden of one of the churches, Diego Valencia, married and a father, who was well known locally as the owner of a florist, and injured four more, including a priest. 

Nigeria: Thousands gather for tribute to Father Isaac Achi


“Father Achi’s activities among his people in Kafin Koro could have caused the desire for his abduction or even killing. He has been the voice of counsel and encouragement to the entire people of Kafin Koro in the face of attacks by bandits in the area. People called him, some went to him for counsel on all kinds of matters”

New convent beckons Christians to return to Iraq


The jihadist terror group was eventually defeated, but the buildings, including two important churches, were almost destroyed, and the population scattered, some to refugee camps, while others emigrated.

Pope visits Congo and South Sudan as messenger of peace


“The impact of the Catholic Church in DRC is difficult to overestimate. Its schools have educated more than 60 percent of the nation’s primary school students and more than 40 percent of its secondary students.

Cuba celebrates anniversary of John Paul II’s visit amid social and economic crisis


“The witness of a man tested by pain and illness” marked a ‘before’ and an ‘after’ for Cuban Catholics.

Syria: from prisoner, threatened with death, to archbishop


It is hard to scare a man who spent months locked in a bathroom, threatened daily with death and who was even subjected to a mock execution for refusing to renounce his faith.

Priest dies in attack on parish in northern Nigeria


The gunmen doused the outside of the house with fuel and set fire to it. Father Colins Omeh, who was also in the rectory, tried to flee the house, but was shot, while Father Isaac Achi was unable to leave the house and was burned to death inside.

Amazonian indigenous community can now read the Bible in its own language


“We all like to hear, read, and meditate on the Word of God in our own language, in our own cultural and historical context,”

Burkina Faso: ‘50 percent of our territory is under occupation’


The terrorists want to eradicate this society and all who do not profess the same brand of Islam as they do, including Muslims, which means that the terrorism is now aimed at society as a whole.

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