Pakistan: senior imam backs Christian nurses in blasphemy crisis


“It is proof that God does work miracles. We experience them in our lives – those who are enemies can be reconciled.”

In India’s Gujarat state, new anti-conversion law threatens Christians, Muslims


“In case someone wants to convert, he or she must notify the designated government officer who, after conducting a probe, would have to permit the conversion. Failing that, the conversion would be considered a crime.”

Report: most of world’s population live in countries that violate religious freedom


In 42 countries renouncing or changing one’s religion can lead to severe legal and social consequences, ranging from ostracism within the family to even the death penalty.

In Mozambique, fear of new terrorist attacks causes ‘total panic’


“On a daily basis, we strive not only to be priests, but also activists, psychologists, spiritual directors, first aiders, suppliers and distributors of foodstuffs, Caritas volunteers and diocesan volunteers.”

Pope Francis wants to visit Venezuela


“I pray to God for reconciliation and peace among Venezuelans. I would love to come and visit you.”

Nigerian bishop urges faithful to ‘pray the rosary for the end of Islamist violence’


“The Sahel region has become a safe haven for groups including Boko Haram that have pledged allegiance to the Islamic State.”

India in the grip of COVID-19: ‘It is only our faith that keeps us going’


“The importance of pastoral work in this time of crisis cannot be exaggerated. The more we do, the more is needed.”

Democratic Republic of the Congo: authorities fail to stem Islamist terror


“They were given the choice between death and conversion to Islam. They were given Muslim names to cement their identity.

‘When the Holy Father touches Ukrainian soil, the war will come to an end’


“We are very grateful to the Holy Father for his ongoing support, for his prayers and solidarity with Ukraine and the Ukrainian people.”

Christians are cast aside in Bangladesh


“In the marketplace and in restaurants, separate plates, glasses and cups are reserved for ethnic indigenous peoples; Muslims and Hindus won’t use the same utensils as we do.”

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