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Nigeria: Call for the beatification of terror victims


They died while worshipping God in his own house, so [beatification] would go a long way toward strengthening the faith of those who are practicing in war-torn areas, or in places like northern Nigeria, where most Christians are persecuted.”

At ACN, a changing of the guard


In her new role, Lynch is responsible for the basic content and statutory leadership of the international foundation, with its 23 national offices.

Ethiopia: Give peace a chance


“People are so fed up with the suffering. They need a solution, and so we hope that something will come out of these talks.” 

Brazil: In tears, a bishop thanks ACN


“I had bishops in tears, telling me that they can carry out their pastoral ministry, thanks to the support of the generous men and women who contribute to ACN.”

Bishop calls for government action after killings at Catholic school


A police officer who was working as a security guard at a Catholic school for girls in north-eastern Pakistan opened fire on a group of teachers and students, killing two young girls.

‘Everyone has family in Khartoum’


Predominantly Muslim Sudan and Christian South Sudan used to form one country, but it split in 2011 after decades of civil war. But the countries and their populations still have a great deal in common.

Egyptian martyrs bring orthodox, Catholics closer together


The Sirte Martyrs will be celebrated on February 15, the date of their deaths, on both calendars, making them the first saints to be honored by both Churches since they split following the Council of Chalcedon in 451 AD.

India: In West Bengal the flock thrives


“There is no anti-conversion law in West Bengal yet, said Rettig, adding “there is greater religious freedom there, compared to other parts of the country.”

In Egypt, the passing of a pillar of the Church


Bishop Kyrillos oversaw the largest Coptic Catholic diocese in Egypt for 31 years, and during that period he became renowned for his efforts to strengthen the spirit of cooperation between all Egyptians.

In India, radical Hindus aim to ‘divide and rule’


The bishop points out the irony of radical Hindus accusing missionaries of converting people in exchange for food or money, when they do not seem to have a problem with the Church’s massive social projects.

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