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Lebanon: ‘Catholic Schools are the right hand of the Church, but we desperately need your help’


“The Catholic school is the right hand of the Church and embodies its mission. We have our identity, mission, and vision. The atmosphere in our schools is imbued with Christian values. We are committed to the Church’s mission, and we witness our faith towards students, staff, and parents.”

Russian militia in Donetsk arrest two Catholic priests


They have been imprisoned in a pre-trial detention center in Berdiansk run by the Russian administration and stand accused of preparing a terrorist act.

Apostolic Prefect of Western Sahara: ‘Foucauld is our inspiration. We are the presence of Christ in the Muslim world’


“Western Sahara is an Apostolic Prefecture precisely because it does not meet the requirements to be considered a diocese. Which is also why we don’t have a bishop. I am a prefect. We are in a period of growth, shall we say, although it is a very slow growth.”

Women often targeted in discrimination against Christian minorities


“If believing in Jesus Christ presents a serious threat in many parts of the world, being a female Christian is even more difficult. In many countries where religious persecution is still rife, violence against women is often used as a weapon of discrimination,”

Archbishop Balvo, Apostolic Nuncio to Australia, supports #RedWeek


The archbishop recalls that he took part in #RedWeek events during his time as Nuncio to the Czech Republic, before being posted to Australia. “We began the observance with a common celebration involving the Catholics, Protestants and Jewish representatives in the historic Charles University.

Priest kidnapped in Mali: ‘We are an easy target’


Everything points to a kidnapping, since the missionary’s car was found abandoned and the cross, he always carried with him was on the ground. However, nothing is known about who took him, or why.

Christian students in Lebanon: ‘We feel our country doesn’t want us’


Imagine a country where overnight your savings vanished, and your salary was worth 20 times less than the day before. Imagine your parents worked hard to get you through university, but now can’t afford the tuition.

Report shows global persecution of Christians is getting worse


Africa saw a sharp rise in terrorist violence from non-state militants – with more than 7,600 Nigerian Christians reportedly murdered between January 2021 and June 2022

Congolese bishops warn that country could break up


“The hour is grave. Our country is in danger,” warn the bishops, “if we are not careful, we are going to wake up one morning with a country which has been Balkanized.”

Boko Haram did ‘the unthinkable’ to her, but Janada stands tall


My father put his head down in submission to be killed and answered: “I cannot sleep with my own flesh and blood, my own daughter, I would rather die than commit this abomination.”

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