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Pilgrimage of a lifetime:  Two Boko Haram victims blessed by the Pope


“They put the Christians in cages, like animals. The first thing they did was forcefully convert us to Islam. … The warned us not to pray as Christians or we would be killed.”

With ACN support, Churches rebuild quake-hit houses in Syria


Aid to the Church in Need (ACN) has committed to providing more than US$550,000 in aid to help Christians return to their apartments and houses, and support families with rent for temporary accommodation in the meantime.

Chile sees another arson attack on a church


The attackers left pamphlets and a banner claiming the attack and warning about future violent actions. “Every bullet you fire will be returned. Temucuicui resists.”

Nicaragua’s ‘Way of the Cross’


“Demonstrations of popular piety such as the Way of Cross or processions have been forbidden and can no longer go from parishes out into the streets, as has always happened before.”

Boko Haram victims to be greeted by Pope Francis


Maryamu Joseph and Janada Marcus will be greeted by Pope Francis at the end of the General Audience of Wednesday March 8. The two women will also be received by top level political personalities.

SYRIA: ACN to pay rent for victims who cannot return to their homes


At least 60 buildings in Aleppo collapsed in the earthquake but the number of houses that may need to be razed will probably in the hundreds.

Nigerian farmer dies protecting his son in Fulani herdsmen attack


“I ran to my hut, where I found my husband lying in a pool of blood. He had been shot in the head, and he was lying on top of our son, who was also covered in blood. I could not control my tears. I was devastated!”

Push to re-designate Nigeria as a ‘country of particular concern’


Nigeria, because of its economic and demographic weight, “is the anchor of Africa. And if Nigeria falls, the whole of Africa falls.”

Pakistani Catholic escapes forced conversion to Islam


“The next day the guy who raped me brought a bearded man to register the nikah [Muslim marriage]. I told them I am a Christian and refused to repeat the Arabic verses.”

Middle East: ‘Synod can be a new spring for the Church, like Vatican II’


” How do we face the social problems? Our people have become very poor. How can we face the political problems? We live these cries in all the Arab countries and each country has its own physiognomy of problems.

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