The Voice of the suffering and persecuted​

Ukraine: ‘We are prepared for sudden and unexpected death’


“Our Church is alive and active. Priests and faithful are in their places, prayer continues to flow, as does the daily liturgy in parishes. More in some than in others, depending on the location: where war activities are going on, or territories are occupied, there is no such possibility.”

Martyred Father Jacques Hamel: a model of simplicity and authenticity


“One example is a person who claims to have been healed after placing his paralyzed hands on Father Hamel’s grave. We have the paperwork from his doctor. There are definitely supernatural elements.”

Burkina Faso: Islamic terrorism has become commonplace


The inhabitants of the town were taken to the mosque and asked to convert to Islam: “Issa (Jesus) has come, but his mission is over. He promised he would be followed by a successor, and that successor is Mohammed.

Yet another priest is slain in Nigeria


According to the statement, the priest’s “corpse was later discovered already decomposing on Tuesday July19.”

In two months, 68 Christians are killed in Nigeria’s Benue State


Conflicts between nomadic herders and settled farmers date back centuries, but the influx of high-grade firearms over the past several years has made the attacks much more deadly and destructive.

ACN sends aid to dioceses in Sri Lanka


“Many people have lost their jobs, and prices have risen astronomically. People can afford virtually nothing. Our priests and religious are badly affected by the crisis.”

Madagascar: Overcoming ‘despair and evil’


“There are Christians, but we need to go deeper in the faith. The faith must be really lived, and not just practiced outwardly. If we live as Jesus teaches, then we can develop better.”

Ukraine: a story of war


“Let’s hurry to love people, they depart so quickly…”

Pakistan: Kidnappings, forced conversions are ‘human rights issue’


Pakistan is one of the countries where the problem is most severe, along with Mozambique, Nigeria, Egypt, Iraq, and Syria.

Cuba: ‘The worst poverty is lack of freedom’


“If you raise your voice to tell the truth they will turn on you, defame you. Prison sentences have increased.”

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