Taliban-linked threat in Pakistan: churches increase security


“Now that the Taliban are back, it will strengthen Islamist groups and so there could be attacks.”

A million children praying the rosary can change the world!


This year’s rosary campaign will encourage children to pray “hand in hand with Our Lady and under the protection of Saint Joseph.”

In Lebanon, a Carmelite monastery attracts Christians and Muslims alike


“This particular statue of the Virgin, Our Lady of Mount Carmel, … attracts many people from all the Christian denominations, and many Muslims as well.”

A Catholic community in Vietnam is still not recognized by government


 “Catholic communities here are not granted permits to buy land to erect chapels, so they have to use their houses as chapels.”

In Brazil, a boat brings Christ to the people


“This boat helps us to get to the riverside communities much more quickly.”

Lebanon is in ‘hell’


My mother is old and she needs all kinds of daily medications. My brother is diabetic and has vision problems. They both need special care, and I am no longer able to provide such care.”

Seminarian in Indonesia turns doctor (again) to help fight the pandemic


“I believed that God would surely keep me safe if he wanted me to continue my service. And if I had to die, I would die in peace.”

Ministering to the Roma people in Slovakia: ‘we should be their friends rather than aid workers’


” A new priest comes to the village and, suddenly, Romas are in the church, at the parish house, everywhere. It was not easy.”

Pope Francis will be first Pontiff to attend International Eucharistic Congress in 21 years


“We have an appointment with Christ in Budapest; may He be the shining companion of our lives; may He be the one who brings optimism and joy to our lives!”

Living in fear and misery after church attacks in Bangladesh


“As the attacks took place, I fled to the forest with my family out of fear.”

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