Christians in Nepal—rising hope amid persecution


“The caste system triggers discrimination and forbids some people to mingle with others. Low-caste people are not considered equal human beings. They have found a fortress in Christianity because the faith has no discrimination or caste system.”

Bishops: ‘Christian presence in Holy Land facing extreme threat’


“Radical groups continue to acquire strategic property in the Christian Quarter, with the aim of diminishing the Christian presence, often using underhanded dealings and intimidation tactics to evict residents from their homes.”

Despite ‘furious anger,’ bishop calls for dialogue and reconciliation with Muslims in Nigeria


“I feel some furious anger, some hot anger inside me; yes, we need to be outraged by events happening in our country due to religious persecution or we will descend into total anarchy.”

UK: The Prince of Wales meets survivors of Christian persecution


Frank Marooki was just eight when he lost both parents and all his siblings when their boat capsized in the Aegean Sea following their escape from Iraq’s Nineveh Plains which had been seized by ISIS in summer 2014.

Christians in India seek protection from Hindutva government


“As long as the BJP [Bharatiya Janata Party] remains in the government, Christians will face high levels of injustice and persecution.”

New religious body adds to Islamization in Pakistan


“The Prime Minister wants the RAA to formulate an intellectual response to blasphemous acts in the West. A perfect response would be to discourage people from taking the law into their own hands and to punish others without a fair trial.”

Armenia: refugees from Nagorno-Karabakh fight for survival


The flat: everything is clean and tidy but furnished with only the barest necessities and there is no electricity or running water.

IDPs in Nigeria: ‘Jesus Christ is my salvation—that is what I celebrate at Christmas’


“In my dreams I relive the time when we were in hiding. Since the terrorists used to attack by night, we would get out of the town as soon as night began to fall and hide in the bush.”

7000 rosaries for the children of Iraq’s Nineveh Plains—a gift to Mary!


“The kids were excited when they came to pick up their rosary. Then they all, about 90, gathered on the altar to pray a decade.”

Why build a church among the poorest in Pemba, Mozambique?


“A context of extreme poverty, poor housing for many, and the irrefutable lack of basic services to live with dignity is clearly a challenge that can trump other dubious needs, such as a church.”

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