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Ukraine: breaking contemplative silence to host refugees


The nuns estimate that to date more than 500 people have passed through their monastery. “Currently the monastery mostly hosts those who do not plan to go abroad, and some of them don’t have a home to return to either. Now we have 75 people here.

World Day of Prayer for Vocations—the view from Ukraine


“Now the situation is quite tough, this is a very difficult time, a time of darkness.”

Easter Sunday bombings in Sri Lanka–unanswered questions


“My suspicions came up immediately after the attack, because I felt that a ragtag band of youngsters could not have carried out this kind of very professional thing.”

Aid to the Church in Need begins second phase of Ukraine aid


“The world has responded with generosity to the plight of the Ukrainian people. Many donations are reaching the bordering countries, but there is now a need for vehicles to transport the goods to those who need them in the country, often in locations that have been heavily damaged, or are still under threat.”

Carmelite missionary sisters in Burundi are ‘mothers’ of reconciliation


“Some people gather well before Mass on Sunday, and many others stay on after Mass to spend time with the sisters and the other families.”

Emergency aid for Kamianets-Podilski, Ukraine, reaches far and wide


“Dear friends, thank you very much, we receive your help. May God bless you for this sign of solidarity for our priests and nuns.”

Sisters of Saint Joseph in Ukraine: ‘Our convents have become refugee centers’


Whether big or small, each of the order’s houses or convents has been turned into a point of refuge for the neediest:

‘What ACN is doing for the Lebanese is truly great,’ says Patriarch


“Every day we lose thousands of our best engineers, our best doctors, our best teachers, because the loss of value of the Lebanese pound to the dollar destroyed the value of salaries.”

A Mass to honor the persecuted and suffering church around the world


Cardinal Dolan called on faithful to help persecuted Christians, and in doing so model themselves on St. Veronica, who comforted Jesus on the way to Golgotha and St. Simon of Cyrene, who carried his cross. The task at hand for Christians in the West, said the Cardinal, is “prayer, advocacy, and relief.”

New bishop in South Sudan: ‘We must get back on our feet and give hope to the people’


“We live in a country where Christianity is often no more than skin deep; it hasn’t grown roots in the life of the population.”

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