Statistics offer ‘no more than a hint of the suffering endured’ by Haitian population


“There is also a need to provide the bishop and his closest collaborators with a roof over their heads, since they have lost everything.”

In Afghanistan, a dark future for religious freedom


“All those who do not espouse the extreme Islamist views of the Taliban are at risk, even moderate Sunni.”

Aug. 22 is the International Day Commemorating the Victims of Acts of Violence Based on Religion or Belief—the case of Pakistan


“we have witnessed an alarming increase in blasphemy accusations in the past few years, especially following the growth in the use of social media forums such as Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp.”

Thirty years ago, ACN-sponsored smuggled radio equipment helped prevente communist coup in Russia


ACN project partners and employees had smuggled the broadcasting equipment, one component at a time, by ship to St Petersburg and from there on to Moscow.

ACN commits $600,000 in emergency aid for Haiti in wake of earthquake


“It is an impossible situation, and the people are in total shock.”

Irish dioceses are reviving ‘Mass Rocks’ tradition


Protestant England sought to extinguish the Catholic faith from the island. That was the time when Catholics gathered in remote and isolated spots where Mass was celebrated in secret.

Belarus: ‘Pope Francis is concerned about the situation in the country’


“The work of foreign priests is made more difficult because they must regularly apply for a permit to carry out pastoral work. This permit may be revoked at any time.”

Young Iraqis are starting new lives in their homeland


“Our life is not without risk, but life won’t stop, risk or no risk. We have to keep going.”

In Fatima, missionary thanks Our Lady for his liberation from jihadist kidnappers


“It was there that they handcuffed me to a tree. It was a very uncomfortable moment. I wept, and I cried out to God ‘My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?'”

One year after Beirut explosion, Lebanon’s wounds fester


“Some of the families here in Jounieh, a town not generally regarded as being poor, actually go out early in the morning, in order not to be seen, scavenging food from the dustbins!”

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