The Voice of the suffering and persecuted​

Deep in crisis, Sri Lankans will focus on helping the poor this Christmas


Our Bishops’ Conference and our cardinal recently requested all our Catholics and non-Catholics not to celebrate Christmas in a fabulous manner, spending money o unnecessary things, but to use that money to help the poor.”

In Pakistan, healing for victims of abduction and forced marriage


“He offered me a soft drink. It was drugged and I don’t know what happened next. I resisted him throughout, but he used to put something in the food. He would also beat me.

This Christmas, solidarity with the Christians of Lebanon and Syria


“Our project partners sometimes feel despondent and tired, they think the world has forgotten them, but they retain a glimmer of hope, because they know we are with them, and that our benefactors are answering the call.”

Despite everything, ‘it is a privilege to live in the Holy Land’


“There is international concern that the Religious Zionist Party, with its two protagonists Bezalel Smotrich and Itamar Ben Gvir, is far-right and wants to increase the settlements in the West Bank and share the Temple Mount.”

Ukraine:’Your help means Christmas every day’


All the bishops and priests in Ukraine are very grateful for the help provided by ACN, he said. “And we are especially grateful for your prayers, because these prayers reach God, our Father. This is the most important help that we are receiving from you.”

Syrian Christians fear imminent Turkish ground incursion


The Turks justify this intervention by saying that it is to protect their borders, to a depth of 20 miles along northern Syria. They want to prevent the establishment of a Kurdish state by the PKK, which is threatening the Turkish state and could prepare attacks on their country.

The Immaculate Heart of Mary and the suffering people of Lebanon


In contemplating the Immaculate Heart of Mary, we find light, strength, courage and comfort in these exceptional times. Like us, she experienced great changes from her youth. With an open heart she accepted the upheavals in her life: contradictions, mystery, incomprehension. She was open to hearing the voice of the Spirit. She was adaptable and receptive, to give flesh to Jesus. Her heart and her eyes are directed towards Him.

Lebanon: ‘People in Tyre were always poor, but now they are below zero’


Then the Lebanese financial crisis hit, and the local currency began to crash. In a short time, the pound diminished in value around 20 times, but prices of most goods, including fuel, stayed the same, or even rose. Unable to afford fuel, Salim had to return his car and leave the taxi business.

Ukraine: ‘People are afraid of the winter’


Kaczmarek believes that “recent Russian drone attacks are not targeting strategic military objectives,”, but are instead “making the daily lives of Ukrainians more difficult,” and also making it “impossible to survive the winter in these places.”

#RedWeek 2022: More than 600 buildings lit up in solidarity with persecuted Christians


Red Week traces its roots to Brazil in 2015, when the local ACN office had the Christ the Redeemer monument lit in red to mark the persecution of Christians in Iraq. In April 2016, inspired by the same idea, ACN Italy illuminated the Fontana di Trevi. ACN UK took the idea further and created #RedWednesday to commemorate all persecuted Christians on a specific Wednesday in November, and this was later expanded to a whole week in many countries.

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