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In two months, 68 Christians are killed in Nigeria’s Benue State


Conflicts between nomadic herders and settled farmers date back centuries, but the influx of high-grade firearms over the past several years has made the attacks much more deadly and destructive.

ACN sends aid to dioceses in Sri Lanka


“Many people have lost their jobs, and prices have risen astronomically. People can afford virtually nothing. Our priests and religious are badly affected by the crisis.”

Madagascar: Overcoming ‘despair and evil’


“There are Christians, but we need to go deeper in the faith. The faith must be really lived, and not just practiced outwardly. If we live as Jesus teaches, then we can develop better.”

Ukraine: a story of war


“Let’s hurry to love people, they depart so quickly…”

Pakistan: Kidnappings, forced conversions are ‘human rights issue’


Pakistan is one of the countries where the problem is most severe, along with Mozambique, Nigeria, Egypt, Iraq, and Syria.

Cuba: ‘The worst poverty is lack of freedom’


“If you raise your voice to tell the truth they will turn on you, defame you. Prison sentences have increased.”

Priests are an ‘endangered species in Nigeria’


According to data compiled by Aid to the Church in Need (ACN), at least 18 priests have been kidnapped in Nigeria since the beginning of 2022, five in the first week of July alone. Although most were released unharmed, three were killed.

Catholics in Guinea-Bissau unsettled by vandalism of a church


The attackers of the church destroyed the religious images of Our Lady and Saint Elizabeth, the patron of the local parish. A crucifix and an image of Our Lady of Gebra were also smashed.

Bishop shocked at murder of two priests in Nigeria


“With this situation, nobody is safe anywhere. If you go out of your house, even in the daytime, until you come back, you are not safe.”

Bangladesh: the financial challenge of building churches


“Hundreds of Catholics from several villages gathered and jostled for a place to sit, and many were forced to stand outside. The scene stuck in my mind, and I decided to do something about it.”

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