In Venezuela, crisis has brought many closer to the Church


“We are here to serve the people, especially the poorest. Our role and commitment are to act as a presence that can bring light to the situation, inspired by the Gospel.”

Nepal: Local Church is shocked by arrest of two women religious


“The Catholic community views this incident as an attack on minority communities, and an attempt to criminalize in particular Christian missionary activities.”

Taliban rule in Afghanistan poses a threat to Pakistan’s Christians


“Such attacks on churches and minority communities illustrate that Pakistan has always been receptive to fundamentalism.”

Around the world, many thousands of children pray the Rosary for peace


“We are reminded of the importance and power of prayer. Some of the most positive feedback we received came precisely from regions where peace is most desperately needed.”

Patriarch: ‘Christians in Lebanon will be extinct if West does nothing’


“We can’t convince them to stay because they say, ‘How can we endure this situation? There is no hope for our future.’”

From Fátima to Myanmar, children are praying the Rosary to change the world


“Praying the Rosary daily is the only source of strength physically and psychologically in the villages.”

Three seminarians are abducted in Nigeria, freed after two days


“The kidnapping of innocent young seminarians—once again—in Nigeria is an abominable act. We appeal to the conscience of their kidnappers and urge them to release these young people.”

Democratic Republic of the Congo: bishop denounces persecution of the local Church


“The Church is one of the few bodies speaking out against injustice and violence, and for this reason, the archbishop believes, the attacks appear to be “targeting particularly the structures of the Church.”

Haiti: ‘We are still in the first phase of our emergency aid efforts’


“The precarious situation makes it impossible to travel to the country, which means that we cannot experience the situation first-hand. Our communication is limited to the internet or the telephone.”

Sister Gloria Narvaez

Colombian missionary is released after being held by jihadists for more than four years


“Her release encourages us to keep praying for all those who are still hoping for freedom.”

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