Students in Lebanon call on children around the world to join them in the ‘One million children praying the Rosary’ campaign


“We want “We want to encourage as many children as possible to entrust themselves to the power of prayer.”

Iraq: Ankawa, home of the Christians, comes of age


“The decision to make Ankawa a separate district will, we hope, be an important step forwardfor the future of Christianity in Iraq.”

Leah Sharibu

Nigeria: ‘We know that Leah is alive, and we pray for her release’


“Let’s keep our fingers crossed while holding on to God in faith for divine intervention. Leah and others will be freed one day. My prayer has always been: “Lord, please make it sooner than later!”  

In India, a priest is acquitted of attempting ‘forcible religious conversion’


“The seminary has been there for over 25 years and we have never forced anyone to convert.”

Massive influx of Haitian migrants triggers crisis in Mexico


“Behind these migrant caravans there are an infinite number of private interests, institutions and non-governmental organizations that have made these migrants into an industry for their own personal benefit.”

In Lebanon and Syria, poverty stalks the Christian community


“During the war at least, they expected it to end at some point, but now, what can [Syrian Christians] expect?”

Church decries ‘slow genocide’ of Christians in Nigeria


“They have an agenda, which is the Islamization of this country. And they are doing that by carefully eliminating all the Christians.”

A million children praying the rosary can change the world!


This year’s rosary campaign will encourage children to pray “hand in hand with Our Lady and under the protection of Saint Joseph.”

Sierra Leone: ‘they took God out of the solution when God is the solution’


“One of the positive aspects of the shutdown of churches was that it brought us very close to the faithful.”

Shahnaz Bhatti: testimony of a Catholic nun who served in Afghanistan


“The most trying thing was not being able to move about freely, because, as women, we always had to be accompanied by a man.”

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