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India: a priest’s love never retires


“I became a priest because I wanted to be a missionary. To do so I travelled over 2000 miles to give my life for the people. I knew that the Lord would do the rest. This year I will complete my 60th year in the priesthood, and I have never regretted it even for a single day.”

In Iraq, a Christian student is back at the University of Mosul


“My feeling now is pretty good, but will we be okay later? We are still in a state of anxiety as a result of the repeated disasters that have befallen Christians. Still, the situation is gradually stabilizing.”

‘It is anything but easy to be a Christian in India today’


The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India stressed that Christians are to be treated as one hundred percent Indian even as they are one hundred percent Catholic. The false charge of Christians subscribing to an anti-national stance distorts Christian thought.

In Jerusalem, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher closes, reopens its doors


It was decided that, for now, the city will renounce imposing any further taxes on the Churches, and that, for the time being, no further legislation will be pursued in regard to Church property.

Our meeting at the UN: seeking more help for suffering Christians on the Nineveh Plains


“We welcome the increase of urgently needed institutional involvement to end the ordeal Christians of Nineveh. For too long this help has depended on private donors alone.”

Rome’s Colosseum goes red to remind the world of Christian suffering


“My brother gave his life, not only for the rights of Christians, but for those of all the minorities, including the Muslims,. It is a duty to pay homage to these martyrs by means of events such as this one and to honor their memory,”

Christians in Damascus are coming under heavy fire


She told us that she and the other residents of the convent narrowly escaped death when a mortar fell but “thanks be to God did not explode.”

African prelates welcome Pope’s call to pray for peace


There were a total of 31 wars and armed conflicts during 2017, as reported by the Group for the Investigation into the Causes of War, based at the University of Hamburg, Germany.

Catholic-Russian Orthodox summit marks Churches’ growing collaboration


Cardinal Koch emphasized that the unity of the Church has already been realized in the saints. The cardinal talked about the “alarming phenomenon” of Christians leaving the Middle East, which has made it necessary to help Christians remain in their homeland.

Your generosity will fund the repair of another 2,000 Christian homes on the Nineveh Plains!


“If we do not do everything in our power to support the return of Christians to their ancestral lands, they will leave their towns again—and perhaps even the country—for good.”

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